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The Pink Dog can capture all the action…

Promotional Videos

We create videos to put across your message, your brand, your product. We can work to your brief or create a narrative for you that you’re happy with and work to that. We can script, organise and produce the video, adding your brand graphics and visual identity.

Instructional Videos

Whether you want a training video for your company, or you would like to create a video, or a series of videos for an online course, the Pink Dog can help you.

Animated Videos

The Pink Dog is skilled with both 2D and 3D animation and can create unique content for your video utilising either or both of these methods. The Pink Dog can combine animation with live-action footage.

Video Delivery

The Pink Dog can produce your video or animated content to meet a range of intended outcomes. Whether this is for large-screen display, social media channels or streaming web content.

What's in the box?

Play the video to find out…

A Pink Dog 3D animation that answers one of the most challenging experiences.

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